LIMITED R9.8 Collection

Disturbingly luxurious collection using exclusive madrone burr wood complimented by high quality sun-orange lenses. It is an extremely limited collection. We handcrafted only ten of these outstanding pieces of eyewear. Design by Matěj Prokop.

R9.7 Collection

We are proud to present our SS2018 collection made using an ecstatic material composed of plum wood and dark eucalyptus veneers. It was showcased at Designblok 2017 - Prague International Design Festival. Design by Matěj Prokop.

R9.6 Collection

Conceptual collection designed as a case study of the very well know Aviator shape. Design by Matěj Prokop.

R9.5 Collection

Our SS2017 collection R9.5 was presented at Designblok 2017 following a successful year since the premiere of NEW ZEW. Apart from our efforts to satisfy each and every unique need of our customers, we were busy testing and prototyping new technology in order to develop the best functionality and design. You can see the major development immediately. The thinner profile then ever before while and added thickness. Design by Matěj Prokop.

R9.4 Collection

We present our signature collection. It is made using an exceptional material developed by ZEW. It is an elegant SS2016 collection available in Dark and Darker. Design by Matěj Prokop.

R9.3 Collection

Our SS16 collection was inspired by the amazing 50's. The decade of eyewear. Design by Matěj Prokop.

R9.2 Collection

Autumn collection 2015 is called R9.2. Combination of walnut and maple wood makes it authentic. It premiered at Designblok '15. Design by Matěj Prokop.